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From time to time we're fortunate enough to interview authors of Hemingway related works or to receive articles by Hemingway aficionados.  Click the links below to read interviews you won't find anywhere else.  


Interview with James Plath & Frank Simons:
Remembering Ernest Hemingway was published in the summer of 1999 to coincide with Hemingway's 100th birthday celebration.   The authors, James Plath and Frank Simons, graciously agreed to answer a few questions for our visitors.  

Interview with Craig Boreth:
The Hemingway Cookbook
was published in 1999 and author Craig Boreth sits down to answer a few questions for our visitors.  Check out some great recipes too, and visit the author's website for even more gastronomical insight.



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Ernest Hemingway on Writing, Edited by Larry Phillips, paperback, $ save $2.40!

One of our most popular books, this volume is  full of Hemingway's genius.  His views and advice on writing and the writing life are valid, informative and always entertaining.   Throughout this book are some of his most famous passages. This is a reissue of the hardcover version originally published in the eighties.  Makes a great gift for the Hemingway fan!  Click the title to order or for more info.




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