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Hemingway Video   

We've added a small Hemingway video clip from The Old Man & The Sea video at right.  This is a short clip showing Hemingway next to a large marlin he caught during the filming of the Old  Show's Hemingway at his robust, grey-bearded best.  This is a low-quality see it in full color and high resolution order the video at right...if you're a Hemingway fan you won't be disappointed!  You'll need Windows Media Player to view...enjoy!


Click here to view!





The Old Man and the Sea, VHS  $14.95.

DVD Version: $17.98 

While modern viewers might find this movie a little dated and the special effects a bit humorous (heck, even Steven Spielberg couldn't get a rubber shark to look any better than Santiago's great fish), this movie is a faithful retelling of Hemingway's great short novel.  A true bonus for Hemingway fans is the brief feature before the film that shows never before seen footage of Hemingway himself fishing for marlin.  This alone is worth the price of admission.




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